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We Transform Trust Into Prosperity.

Using a coaching methodology based in neuroscience, attachment theory, emotional intelligence and
systems theory, we help individuals in organizations learn or relearn to trust each other by choosing
PRODUCTIVITY over politics, ACTION over agendas, MINDFULNESS over manipulation, TEAMWORK over
turf wars and RESULTS over relapses.

What We Provide

Light House


We align our service towards understanding what makes your people most successful. We use evidence-based interview and assessment techniques to gather information about your workplace culture. Our approach is both qualitative and quantitative, which gives us a clear and accurate perspective on what is happening. Our assessments allow us  to quickly discern areas of focus. Our measures include the Gallup CliftonStrengths® Assessment,  AAI Adult Attachment Styles Inventory, The RHETI Enneagram Test, and the ROW Attachment Interview among others.


Employee & Executive Coaching

We teach our clients how to become masterful observers of themselves, others and the systems they work within.  They are then able to identity the conversations, moods and habits that are, and are not, supporting their goals.

We are distinct from big-box EAP programs. Our desire is to cultivate a sustainable relationship with your organization that deeply values and takes into account your unique culture and needs. We are able to quickly respond to a variety of challenges ranging from productivity to personal crisis. We deliver our coaching in a variety of engaging and diverse methods to ensure that your people will find it worth their valuable time and energy.

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Culture is the most powerful competitive advantage. We support your desired culture by working with your people to reinforce the values and leadership principles critical to your success. We deliver unique, targeted, and personalized assistance that will maximize the performance of your leaders and teams. At the end of the coaching experience, each participant will have developed skills that will serve them for the rest of their professional lives and drive immediate business results.

Our Team.



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7381 W. 133rd St.

Suite 260

Overland Park, KS. 66213



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